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We offer both manual gearing and automatic electronic actuators complete with
climate controls, sensors and thermostats.

Bronze telescopic screw jack 300mm.
Bronze finish crank handle 2m.
Polished brass telescopic screw jack 300mm
Chrome telescopic screw jack 300mm stroke.
Gold anodised aluminium crank handle with
plastic grip 1.5m.
Polished brass (or chrome) crank handle with
ebony grip 1.5m or 2/3m extendable.
65Kg lift rack motor - factory fitted.
We have a wide selection of motors to suit
different applications.
Telescopic pull cord spindle.
Double telescopic spindle for larger vents.
Rocker switch, available in standard white,
brass or chrome finish.
100-series climate control system.
Topps motor - factory fitted and coloured to match
your vent.
Factory fitted gas lifts to access roof vents.
Ideal for fire escape & roof access. Locatable to
side, top or bottom hung vents.
Fitch catch for secure locking. Fast release
locking & non-locking available.
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